1. 5 of Our Favorite Mexican Desserts

    Even though we tell ourselves when we go out to dinner at a restaurant to save room for dessert, the plate gets emptier and emptier and we let out a big disappointed sigh when we have to turn away the dessert menu. Is that maybe because you don’t know what you’re missing? Flour tortillas, burritos filled with beans, and endless chips and salsa, we don’t blame you for filling up on these auth…Read More

  2. Get Your Taco Fill With These Exotic Varieties

    Do you think you’re branching out when you get the fish tacos at a Mexican restaurant? Or the carne asada at your local taco truck? Do you get excited when your tongue rolls those Rs and you can taste the delicious juices before you even pick up the warm tortilla? We’ve definitely been there too, but if you haven’t ventured far from Santa Fe, there is a world of tacos out there yet to be exp…Read More

  3. 4 Meals That Are Perfect For Cold Nights

    Heading into the colder months in Santa Fe, the leaves may be changing color and you finally bring out your hats, scarves, and fuzzy boots, and start thinking about warm meals to keep you cozy at night. Most people may go straight to soups and comfort foods like macaroni and cheese or a massive baked potato. While these are excellent choices for a night lounging on the couch with a blanket and you…Read More

  4. Tips on Reheating Your Leftovers

    There may be nothing worse than when you bring home leftovers from your favorite Mexican restaurant, toss them into the fridge, and when you go to reheat them the next day, the tortilla is either chewy and stale or mushy and soggy, chicken or beef is dry, and the chips aren’t crunchy. We understand how deep the disappointment can be, so Tortilla Flats has come up with a variety of clever ways yo…Read More

  5. All You Want to Know About Tequila

    When you go to a Mexican restaurant, chances are there are some great food options and definitely several choices of drinks. Are you in the mood for a margarita? At Tortilla Flats, we have weekly happy hour specials that are sure to wet your whistle. With this blog post, we’re going to focus on a Mexican specialty — tequila. It might be somewhat of a mysterious drink as there are a variety of …Read More

  6. Mexican Music Genres

    Every culture has their own musical styles and the recognizable sounds of Mexico represent a culture that has depth with incredible music. Before the Europeans made contact, the region was dominated by the Aztec culture. After becoming a Spanish colony, the music had influences from Pre-Columbian, Aztec, and Spanish cultures. There are a variety of Mexican music styles, including the notable maria…Read More

  7. A World of Mole Sauces – With and Without Chocolate

    When you go to a Mexican restaurant, you will probably see red and green chile sauce on a majority of dishes. It is a staple of New Mexican cuisine, right? But what other tasty sauces could you come across? Mole? You say? Yes! The dark, chocolate and ground chile sauce is another favorite. If you have ever had a plate of chicken mole, you are familiar with the distinct taste and flavors that make …Read More

  8. Spices Used In Mexican Food

    Are you looking to stock your pantry with authentic Mexican spices, but are stuck at cumin and chile powder? From achiote paste to papalo, learn more about Mexican spices and ingredients that will make experimenting with these foods fun and delicious. After making a mess in your kitchen, if you want a night off and someone else to cook, bring you a steamy plate of food, and clean afterward, come t…Read More

  9. What Makes A Good Salsa?

    You dip chips into it, you pour it over tacos, it freshens up and can add a spicy kick to your favorite Mexican food dishes. Meaning ‘sauce,’ salsa can be chunky, smooth, fresh, or spicy, and is a topping that gives life and character to your foods. Much like Mexican food itself, native Mexicans didn’t use the word salsa until colonization started and Spanish trade brought in new foods like …Read More

  10. Red or Green? What You Need to Know About Chile Sauces

    You order a smothered burrito, huevos rancheros, or enchilada and your server asks, “red or green sauce?” Which one is spicier? Which one do I like better? You’re blindsided for a moment while you think about what to order. Both are delicious, but you never want to have that feeling of wishing you had ordered something else. Tortilla Flats is incredibly knowledgeable about all of our fresh i…Read More