1. What Beers to Pair With Mexican Food

    When you go out to eat, the first thing you get at your table is something to drink. Maybe you start with a water and choose a drink later that goes well with whatever New Mexican food you decide to order, or you know exactly what you want to drink and you order it right away. However you do things, one thing is for sure: beer and Mexican food are like birds in a tree — it’s just a natural co…Read More

  2. All About Enchiladas!

    There are some people who, when they crave New Mexican food, go to their favorite restaurant and order their favorite dish. Whether that’s tacos, enchiladas, or chile rellenos, they always go for what they know they will love and what will certainly satisfy their craving. But even if you do have your favorite dish, there is often a variety that you can experiment with. Take enchiladas for exampl…Read More

  3. Red or Green? What You Need to Know About Chile Sauces

    You order a smothered burrito, huevos rancheros, or enchilada and your server asks, “red or green sauce?” Which one is spicier? Which one do I like better? You’re blindsided for a moment while you think about what to order. Both are delicious, but you never want to have that feeling of wishing you had ordered something else. Tortilla Flats is incredibly knowledgeable about all of our fresh i…Read More