1. A World of Mole Sauces – With and Without Chocolate

    When you go to a Mexican restaurant, you will probably see red and green chile sauce on a majority of dishes. It is a staple of New Mexican cuisine, right? But what other tasty sauces could you come across? Mole? You say? Yes! The dark, chocolate and ground chile sauce is another favorite. If you have ever had a plate of chicken mole, you are familiar with the distinct taste and flavors that make …Read More

  2. Spices Used In Mexican Food

    Are you looking to stock your pantry with authentic Mexican spices, but are stuck at cumin and chile powder? From achiote paste to papalo, learn more about Mexican spices and ingredients that will make experimenting with these foods fun and delicious. After making a mess in your kitchen, if you want a night off and someone else to cook, bring you a steamy plate of food, and clean afterward, come t…Read More

  3. What Makes A Good Salsa?

    You dip chips into it, you pour it over tacos, it freshens up and can add a spicy kick to your favorite Mexican food dishes. Meaning ‘sauce,’ salsa can be chunky, smooth, fresh, or spicy, and is a topping that gives life and character to your foods. Much like Mexican food itself, native Mexicans didn’t use the word salsa until colonization started and Spanish trade brought in new foods like …Read More

  4. Red or Green? What You Need to Know About Chile Sauces

    You order a smothered burrito, huevos rancheros, or enchilada and your server asks, “red or green sauce?” Which one is spicier? Which one do I like better? You’re blindsided for a moment while you think about what to order. Both are delicious, but you never want to have that feeling of wishing you had ordered something else. Tortilla Flats is incredibly knowledgeable about all of our fresh i…Read More

  5. Burritos, Fajitas, Tacos, Enchiladas: How Do You Choose?

    Walking into a Mexican restaurant in Santa Fe, you’re undoubtedly met with classic Mexican decor, smells of spicy chile sauce, and sounds of a fajita plate sizzling at a table. You’re brought to a table and handed a menu and you take a minute to quickly glance through the pages to see what’s available and figure out what you have a taste for. The trouble is, everything looks delicious and yo…Read More

  6. Varieties of Tortillas

    If you go to a Mexican restaurant, you will most likely order a dish with a tortilla as the base. Whether that’s tacos, enchiladas, burritos, or nachos, a majority of Mexican dishes are made using tortillas. At Tortilla Flats, we serve New Mexican food at our restaurant in Santa Fe, where you get authentic dishes made from quality ingredients. To learn more about Mexican cuisine here’s some in…Read More

  7. Mexican Food vs. New Mexican Food

    People have been eating Mexican food for years, maybe their whole lives, but what kind of Mexican food are you eating? Where the food came from, not the restaurant but region, can make a difference in the flavor and the ingredients used in the food. Chances are, what people in the United States call authentic Mexican food, would still be classified as Tex-Mex by anyone south of the border. What ma…Read More